Sarah Jupp

(Soil Association)

StreetCube is a great concept and we hope where possible it will make it easier for chefs to source/ people to enjoy sustainable organic food – food as it should be.

As the UK's leading food and farming charity and organic certification body, the Soil Association work to save our soils and make good food the easy choice for everyone.

Sarah inspires and helps chefs to source organically, helping them to make a positive impact on the environment, animal welfare and wildlife. She also runs Organic Served Here, which awards restaurants and cafes one to five stars depending on how much organic is on the menu. This makes it easy for customers to see how much organic is on the menu, and to trust that the organic on the menu is fully certified and traceable.

Sarah’s career has involved charity partnerships and advertising, and she became attuned to organic whilst at Send a Cow an African development charity, which uses organic agriculture to dig subsistence farmers out of poverty and become food secure.