Louise Symington MSc BSc

The Sustainable Dietitian

We live in a fast paced society and eating ‘on the go’ is part of everyday life. It’s really important that people can easily find food that’s nutritious, tasty and sustainable. StreetCube can lead on this by example. As chefs commit to the StreetCube Pledge, they will deliver on meals that are seasonal, local and organic with zero waste.

The ‘100 mile effect’ of SreetCube means that ingredients are sourced more locally, reducing the transport burden and contributing to the local economy. All meat dishes will be sustainably balanced. This means healthy portion sizes of good quality meat or plant based proteins complimented with plenty of vegetables. All this means that ‘eating out’ will have have a wider, positive impact on people’s health.

Louise is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Food Sustainability. Louise has been working in the field of sustainable nutrition since 2008 and has worked for charities such as Sustain and The National Trust. She was also an auditor for the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Louise has been a guest lecturer at London Metropolitan University and was on the advisory panel for DEFRA’s Green Food Project.

Currently Louise works freelance providing nutritional advice to individuals and food companies. She is passionate about community food growing and also runs projects in Brighton to encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyles for the local people.

You can find Louise on www.sustainabledietitian.co.uk and @sustainabledietitian You can also listen to Louise on The Food Medic in Podcast (S2 E9) https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-food-medic/id1397209446?mt=2&i=1000431661200