Dean Jenkins

(Organic Food Champion / Distribution)

I’ve worked in the organic food industry for 25 years – starting in Wild Oats which was the largest organic health food shop in London at the time. I oversaw all the food purchasing for the shop, often giving a break to new suppliers and products on the market. The first Green & Blacks chocolate bar was launched there.

I then moved on to work for Farmaround – a home delivery box scheme, the largest of its kind operating in London (this was pre-Able & Cole!). This is an important market sector for independent organic fresh produce growers – at the time more of their output was sold through box schemes than through shops.

In 2004 I started at Choice Organics where I still work and oversee the Sales side of the business. Choice Organics is a wholesaler of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, supplying London and the south-east directly and further afield by courier. It is a 100% organic business certified by the Soil Association. In my time here I have developed many new accounts and helped business start-up. It’s a fascinating place to be, central to all the growers and end consumers. We have many different types of customers – shops, market stalls, box schemes, restaurants, juice bars and processors, kitchens and caterers. We specialise in seeking out products for all these varying needs and providing the best quality and service possible.

Previous to my organic life I studied Hotel and Catering Management and worked in the catering industry for a few years – so I’ve seen all sides!

I’m passionate about progressing the cause of organic food and helping consumers and businesses overcome obstacles to purchasing it. The organic industry was a response to the horrors of post-war chemical farming, with the purpose of creating a sustainable agricultural system by protecting the soil . I believe going organic is a great first step towards achieving sustainability.