Zero Plastic

StreetCube Zero Plastic policy is a challenging yet critical agenda that we uphold in a partnership scenario.
All our operators, chefs, suppliers and customers all agree that in order to preserve human civilisation, we must all work together to eliminate plastic pollution.

Our chefs and operators are the critical link between supplier and consumer ~ every chef we work with is committed to refusing refuse at the delivery stage. This means that suppliers need to consider how to supply our chefs, and remember that we will not accept items, vegetables, fruit, meats or any product wrapped in plastic.
Our chefs are in agreement, that when deliveries arrive wrapped in plastic, please understand ~ we just don’t want it, and so they’ll simply send it back.

Human activities are capable of changing the normal functioning of Earth-system processes in ways that amplify risks to societies worldwide
Please support us in eliminating plastic waste from our food system by choosing organic food that isn’t wrapped in plastic.
StreetCube pays very close attention to this rising critical issue and takes steps to eliminate single-use plastic within our operation.
If you’d like to find out more about the threat of plastic pollution, click here.