Can You Help?

We all have 3 major problems to solve. 1 WASTE & STARVATION 2. OBESITY & HUNGER 3. FUEL & FOOD
Industrial food systems contribute enormous amounts of CO2 and greenhouse gasses.
We all can play a part in helping to fix things. Our diets are a big part, and choosing what you eat, where you buy from and what you waste can make a huge difference.

StreetCube is an instant semi-permanent sustainable food solution - which can help bring immediate awareness and access to better, more organic, local, seasonal and more sustainable food into our communities.
The StreetCube 100 Mile Effect helps to engage more suppliers of organic produce, that our chefs can use to create incredible sustainable Street Gastronomy.

StreetCube destinations provide a platform where local chefs engage directly with their audience, to inform, demonstrate and inspire.
Our chefs are champions of the local growing communities which helps to support a more collaborative, more shared system.
The more StreetCube kitchens we place, the more people have access to better, healthier, organic, sustainable Street Gastronomy.

As one of our beloved Trusted Advocates Professor Jules Pretty OBE has said; ‘the more that Councils and Local Authority can support StreetCube, the better for whole communities’.
StreetCube is looking for site locations where we can install our semi-permanent StreetCube ‘Clusters’ (3 or more StreetCube kitchens)..

This can be on private land (shopping precincts, city centre disused land, high footfall regeneration areas.. StreetCube can go anywhere.

Please get involved - and use our StreetCube site locator tool below, to pin-point a potential site, and to help your community get better access to the food they need.

We also want to hear from more organic producers, growers and suppliers. to tell us about local, seasonal, organic growers.