StreetCube is committed to ensuring that all our chefs work with only the freshest, most sustainable and most seasonal ingredients.
This means that by relying on a more ‘seasonal’ supply, we can become more sustainable overall.
Seasonal produce refers to foods that are available and harvested at the times of year when the harvest or the flavour of a given type food is at its peak.

By allowing foods to grow and develop naturally, in organic, fertile soil that is farmed without using pesticides or chemicals, ensures that all of our earths nutrients and vitamins are incorporated into the food that’s grown in it.
In the last 50 years, we have allowed an industry to operate unregulated within our food development spheres.
Corporations have developed chemicals and processes which bypass nature, that kill nutrients and produce food that is in fact bad for our health.
Seasonal, organic, local food is by far the most natural and most healthiest foods we can ever eat.

This is usually the time when the item is harvested, with some exceptions; an example being sweet potatoes which are best eaten quite a while after harvest.
It also appeals to people who prefer a low carbon diet a that helps reduce harmful greenhouse gasses such as methane and CO2 resulting from food consumption (food miles).