Public-Private Land.

Public Land :

We are always keen to engage with local authorities and councils to determine spaces for Streetcube installations.

Engagement with The Sustainable Food Cities network has always been a part of our work from our early beginnings in Boscombe, however we are aware of some of the lengthy processes and red tape that is a part of dealing with public spaces, and so we welcome positive change in working through a swifter process to resolve issues arising from public space installations. Always, Streetcube aims to work collaboratively for the greater good of every community.

StreetCube community installations can be installed very easily in a matter of just a few months.
Equally, it can be removed ~ and Streetcube is a ‘semi-permanent’ solution to an overall wider sustainability problem.

We welcome collaboration with councils and local authorities to identify unused areas and regeneration zones that will play ideal host to Streetcube installations. Pleased to discuss how we can help achieve targets on CO2 emissions, public health and engagement within local communities.

Private land

Streetcube welcomes anyone who has access to, permission to use or is an owner of suitable space for a Streetcube installation.

Ideally we look for high-footfall city centre spaces, whereby the Streetcube ethos and benefits can reach and engage with as many people as possible. But we will happily look at any space.

Streetcube offers many benefits to private land-owners, including regeneration, productive land-use, positive benefits for communities, employment, better health for local communities, land management, increased footfall, Press & PR opportunities, high-impact attention, financial returns for the right locations.