When it comes to serving food in sustainable packaging, there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

London is divided into many different boroughs, each have their own policies and solutions.

StreetCube is active and committed in eliminating landfill waste entirely from our StreetCube installations, and our ‘disposables’ and food packaging is a critical part of how we operate.

There are two sides to the sustainable food container conundrum.
1. What’s it made of?
2. What do we do with spent containers?

We are proud to say that all our traders adhere to very strict rules concerning sustainable packaging.

We are always ready to listen to new suppliers and solutions to eliminate packaging waste add your details if you provide sustainable food packaging solutions.

- Tiffin Box ~ StreetCube Tiffin Boxes are 2 and 3-tier stainless steel stacked food containers. We can provide Tiffin boxes for our regular customers. Tiffin Boxes can cleanse and re-used time and again, and so any of our customers who use our Tiffin Box clients will be honoured with a 10% discount on all their food orders when they return with their Tiffin box. Please ask at the StreetCube kitchen for your very own Tiffin box.