Our Current Chefs

Every chef at StreetCube is an independent operator who applies their own character and unique skill and vision to the sustainable ethos we instil.
We seek to support chefs who have a deep understanding and respect for ingredients, for Gastronomy and for feeding the local community the best of every region.
Because produce grown locally, organically, which is picked fresh and cooked with passion and pride is delicious, nutritious and good for the planet.

Come and enjoy watching chefs perform and applying their skills, and taste the difference.
Every chef is delighted to perform and demonstrate their skill and passion for live demonstrations, seminars, product launches and special guest events.
Every StreetCube has a character and a name all if it’s own. So you’ll never find another menu the same.


Chef Rachid ~ a highly skilled and passionate chef, fully trained at London’s Savoy Hotel.
Rachid comes from a family of chefs, and brings a traditional heritage and character from North Africa.

Moroccan Food is one of the most complex and cultured cuisine styles in the world. Born from ancient trade routes that passed through its ports, Morocco is a mix of influences from the Mediterranean, Sub-Sahara, Arabia and Europe with rich tanginess, delicate spice, subtle fruit flavours and rich, exotic slow-cooked meats.

The Hungry Bedouin have been extremely successful in other parts of London prior to operating their own StreetCube kitchen, and we are delighed to present their award winning cuisine of The Hungry Bedouin.


Lamb Kofta

Seasoned minced lamb, grilled to perfection


Bean Tagine

Spiced beans and vegetable stew


Moroccan Meatballs

Grilled spicy meatballs in a Moroccan stew


Chicken, Olive & Lemon

Saffron marinated chicken breast


Lamb & Prune Tagine

Sweet and savoury flavours from succulent slow


Moroccan Feast

Feast on a selection of exotic North African flavours