Apply to Operate a StreetCube

StreetCube kitchens are unique, professional semi-permanent street kitchens, built to a very high standard, as per NCASS specification.

Independent chefs and street food operators are invited to apply to operate a StreetCube in accordance with a licence agreement and by adhering to the StreetCube Sustainability Charter.

Licence agreements offer short or long-term opportunities for chefs to operate the cube as their own branded operation, to develop new styles focussed on Sustainable Street Gastronomy.

Chef / Operators pay a fixed daily rental for the StreetCube based on the location, footfall and demographic of any given area.
We use the rental payments to cover the pitch fee, cost of StreetCube development, and to support local organic growers and food charity projects.
After that, Chef’s keep every penny they earn ~ We ask for a certain standard of quality, Gastronomy excellence and experience from chefs looking to apply, but are always happy to receive applications from anyone who has a passion for sustainable food.

All applicants must adhere to a minimum compliancy of Our StreetCube Sustainability Charter pledges before applying. All chefs must adhere to the Chef’s Manifesto pledge.
Rental concessions are considered for operators who can demonstrate 100% compliancy.

The application process is thorough, and we ask that all applicants are committed to working towards a sustainable menu and to reduce CO2, to use organic ingredients and to eliminate single-use plastics and eliminate food waste.
We provide support and training and are always on-hand to guide and help chefs achieve 100% compliance.
We have an extensive list of well regarded and certified organic producers and suppliers in every region.