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Install StreetCube into your community
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Install StreetCube into your community

StreetCube can be placed anywhere within high foot-fall city centres to help improve sustainable food systems for all.

StreetCube is a unique World First which brings a stunning, eye-catching central focus to addressing a better food ethos. Contact us to find out how your town can win the chance to install StreetCube.

Click Here if you know of an ideal space for a StreetCube Cluster Installation..

Sustainability & Food Health
Sustainability & Food Health

Sustainability & Public Health: Find our how StreetCube can collaborate with local communities to devise and implement Zero Waste, Zero Plastics, Organic, Seasonal, Local, Sustainable Food systems. Better food, better health. Contact Us.

Gastronomic Development & Consultancy
Gastronomic Development & Consultancy

StreetCube offers an immediate and cost effective solution for improving food systems for all. We want to move away from an industrial food processing model, to a more unique and better local, more sustainable food supply. Our highly experienced team can transform communities to improve their food ethos by helping to develop new ideas, new recipes, and better, more delicious world food dishes by working closely in every community.

Business Start-Up

StreetCube offers business development start-up support through 3rd party investment clients to help anyone set up and develop their own StreetCube kitchen business. We liaise and consult with local development funding and grant initiatives to provide an immediate and highly profitable solution to addressing Sustainable Development Goals, and realising a better food future for all Contact Us for more information.

The story so far...
OCT 2016

The StreetCube project began in Boscombe, Dorset in 2016, when a small team of Chef’s began to devise a solution to a growing industrial food problem, rising temperatures, climate change, expensive rates for high streets and lack of access to healthy organic high quality food.

NOV 2016

We began to evaluate the wider problem of food waste, Single-use plastics, pesticides, hormone-treated meat, understanding a more regenerative and more circular food system as well as the costs involved in setting up a new restaurant.

FEB 2017

StreetCube development begins. Discussions begin with Bournemouth Council regarding space at Boscombe Market, and a disused space on Boscombe Corner. Web Development teams in India join the collaboration.

JUNE 2017

Planning application rejected in Boscombe. Modifications and discussions with crime officers, planners and council officials. Cube designs begin. Discussions with NCASS.

September 2017

Planning approved in Boscombe. Discussions with Professor Philip Sloan. Meetings with NCASS StreetFood Director. Bournemouth Council cuts to staff, progress stalls.

JULY 2018

Discussions with London based developers and land-owners begin. Bournemouth Council introduction to Bournemouth Sustainable Food Cities.

September 2018

Approval in principal for StreetCube installation into SouthSide shopping precinct in Wandsworth. No progress with Bournemouth Council. Video experts in join the collaboration with CUBE~Creative Media. Meetings with Olivier and Raymond Blanc at The Sustainable Restaurant Awards in London.

February 2019

StreetCube Development begins in Southampton Docks. Chefs invited to apply for the first 2 StreetCube installations ~ 1000% over subscribed.

May 2019

World First StreetCube Installation opens in SW London, with 2 award-winning chef-operators.

Organic Growers: StreetCube seeks to support a more organic food supply. Our Chef’s will always be delighted for organic suppliers to contact them to offer organic produce. We will invite a series of main suppliers to provide produce ‘plastic free’ and an ‘open and transparent’ paper-trail of every item, and to provide a forward planner of planting / harvesting cycles and crops.

Chefs: StreetCube support chefs who align with The Chef’s Manifesto and our own StreetCube Sustainability Charter. We believe that chefs play a critical role in the process of translating local, seasonal, organic produce into delicious, affordable, high quality sustainable street gastronomy. We support better training, education, collaboration and innovation. We welcome Chef’s to join us

Experts: StreetCube Board of Trusted Advocates consist of a growing league of world renowned experts and academics who excel in all things sustainable, regenerative.

Our Trusted Advocates collaborate together with us to provide factual information, advice and guidance to ensure the accuracy and efficacy of our policies.

We gather as much information as we can, which in turn contributes to the StreetCube project and for the greater good of people and planet. Join Us

Local Authorities: StreetCube aim to work closely with local Authority to target key objectives in implementing a better food ethos. The StreetCube kitchens can be placed anywhere, in a short space of time, and can quickly engage communities with a better food ethos, better health and better access to affordable Sustainable Street Gastronomy. Contact Us to find out how we can help achieve key targets for eliminating plastic waste, food waste, improving wider access to better food, educating and informing communities on nutrition and the benefits of organic food, as well as providing start-up opportunities for young chefs keen to engage in sustainable street gastronomy.

Land-Owners: StreetCube are always keen to speak to private land-owners who would like to help improve access to better food and a more sustainable ethos. We would be happy to consult with organisations, property developers, retail centres, who would like to increase footfall, and transform empty spaces in a vibrant, exciting food destinations. Discuss how we can even offer peppercorn rent returns* (subject to demographic assessment) and more. Download our LandLord Pack for more details.

Suppliers: We are eager to always hear from suppliers of organic produce. Every StreetCube operates a general 100 Mile policy ~ where we want most of our food items to originate from. The wider supply network includes traditional trade routes from the entire U.K. as well as Europe. Contact Us to restorer as an organic supplier.

Volunteers: We adore those who are willing to give their time and expertise for the greater good of their communities ~ and we always love to hear from anyone willing to help. Please Contact Us if you are involved in local voluntary projects, charities and social enterprises.

Charity: We have already begun compiling lists of relevant charities related to food, nutrition, health and community. A full list of charities we collaborate with will be available soon.

Training: We have devised a very effective training program for our chefs. We collaborate with a number of highly respect organisations linked to the sustainable food and catering industry, as well as individuals and experts who provide their time and expertise to train and influence our chefs and staff.