StreetCube brings tangible improvements to reducing CO2, improving public health, engaging talented chefs with audiences in order to provide better access to essential sustainable food:


In order for all sites to be fully assessed for suitability for a StreetCube cluster installation, a full site survey and area assessment is required together with on-going visits and local area drives to collaborate and engage with local food initiatives to fully ensure maximum returns for the installation and maximum benefits to communities.

Above all, StreetCube has been set up to work towards the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and is working towards a zero-carbon future by 2030.

StreetCube sustainability consultants are trained to check a number of factors such as area population, area demographics, organic farms, growers, local organic suppliers, visitor numbers, potential footfall, public safety and access, utilities, personnel services, site suitability, power, water and above all engage with the right chefs and operators. Read more about a StreetCube sustainable consultancy

If you are interested in installing StreetCube into your space, please arrange a free site consultation with one of our professional sustainability consultants. The first visit is completely free.

Streetcube ‘Clusters’ can go into any high footfall location. Ideally we look for high impact city centres, or busy shopping precincts where our chefs can engage with, and feed as many people as possible.

City-Centre space, unused patches of pedestrian shopping areas, retail parks, empty open spaces, regeneration zones and even parks can make excellent spaces for Streetcube.