Financial Sustainability

UN SDG’s forgot one very important rule. The first rule of sustainability is financial sustainability. Without the means to support one’s own venture, then no matter how ambitious or brilliant the idea, unforgivably if it cannot sustain you financially, it’s dead in the water.

Starting a restaurant costs a lot of money. Which is why very few new ventures succeed within the food industry. It’s just too much of a risk.

All we ask for is rent. Rent varies according to location, and what price we can negotiate on the land, we ask councils, private land owners, disused spaces, regeneration zones, land awaiting planning and any space where we can fit a streetcube kitchen, we’d like to know.

In fact, if you’d like to help us look, or if you know of a piece of land that would help your community to engage with better food, then let us know. Become a StreetCube Site Scout and help us feed more people. To StreetCube Site Scout

StreetCube’s philosophy is to empower and provide opportunity for independent chefs to create, develop, trial and test exciting innovative food ideas with a firm focus on sustained diets. Our very own Pamela Mason (StreetCube Trusted Advocate), has written several books on sustainable diets, and so we have the insight and the knowledge to provide as much help and support for every new chef we work with, to place them firmly in the driving seat of their own StreetCube, creating, cooking and delivering the best of Sustainable Street Gastronomy.