Consultancy & Sustainable Assessment:

Any StreetCube installation requires adequate planning and assessments in order to fully realise the true potential for any area.

Trained consultants are happy to connect over the phone and in person on-site. Arrange a call back

StreetCube consultants seek to identify, engage with and work closely with key actors and figures in communities to establish a collaborative community style of partnerships to help fully support a much wider, more sustainable solution for the wider audience.

Several site visits and checks may be necessary during early stages and once an installation has been approved, additional visits and management of the project is necessary.
Once the installation has commenced, additional visits and community engagements are and on-going part of every StreetCube installation.
Site visits are carried out over a period of several months in order to engage local, organic growers, and to engage with local charity growing projects, and to begin connecting with and creating a collaborative rapport with the local community.

It is essential that all things are considered in order for the correct StreetCube operator’s and communities to engage fully with the project and for the project to achieve its full potential and to realise optimum returns for health, biodiversity and financial sustainability.
Soil checks can be carried out to determine whether spare land can be used to grow organic crops, herbs (mostly symbolic).
One of our expert consultants would be happy to meet in the initial stages to discuss options and ideas.
Demographic assessments and suppliers surveys can help determine a potential site’s suitability and one important aspect of a consultant engagement is about collaborating with the site owner to determine the full benefits of an installation.

Following an initial phone call and site visit, subsequent visits and full assessments will be subject to fees which are recoverable once the StreetCube installation is approved and successfully installed.

Ideally we ask for free space that meets basic requirements. Peppercorn rents and financial returns for StreetCube installations can be discussed once a full site assessment has been completed.

StreetCube 100 Mile Effect aims to reduce CO2, save food waste and provide better food nutrients
The 100 Mile Effect means we increase more specialist local growers to cultivate rare crops for our chefs to cook with
Eating organic, local food means we ingest more than 70% more nutrients ~ saving on health costs

The StreetCube 100 Mile Effect aims to help improve sustainable food systems as well as the health of people and planet.
We take a snapshot of any specific area, and measure it’s current sustainability score, to see how best we can help improve the health of people and planet.

A consultant not only helps to optimize the entire StreetCube cluster installation on site, but also engages with the right suppliers in any given 100 mile zone.
We invite more organic growers, more farmers and more producers of sustainable ingredients to supply our chefs, so we can create better food for all communities. Reducing plastic, reducing waste, reducing CO2, improving health.

We make a commitment in delivering tangible results at the end of the installation, or at intervals along the way.
We can provide measurable results that demonstrate that StreetCube really does help to reduce CO2 and improve public health.
By installing more StreetCube clusters, in more cities, the ethos of StreetCube means that our clientele and chefs will demand more organic, more seasonal, more locally grown produce.

It is essential that we eliminate plastic waste, chemical pollutants, pesticides, waste and provide more affordable food that helps improve public health.