Design, Development & Branding

StreetCube kitchens have been designed for chefs, by chefs to a very high standard.
StreetCube kitchens are virtually indestructible, having travelled vast distances around the globe carrying future land-fill goods, we decided to give them a 2nd life. StreetCube kitchens can host a variety of different creative cuisine styles, and provide a chef with a clean, dry space to prepare, cook and serve the very best in sustainable Street Gastronomy.

One of the most important parts about food service, from a chefs perspective is mise en place, and StreetCube kitchens are designed first and foremost to be hygienic, clean and safe to work in.
Our zero carbon kitchens will only use electricity, provided partly by solar energy.Chef’s who wish to adjust their cuisine styles to a more sustainable one, will find that the zero carbon kitchen is perfectly suited to a more plant-based, less fried food style of cuisine.

We’re not about to dictate what people should eat, we’re simply saying that we want to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as provide healthier, organic food at affordable prices.
Each cube has the addition of a power inlet that can connect to a 64amp power feed, which powers a main circuit board, and to several double plug sockets.

Water is replenished by means of a wheeled container which can be removed and filled up. A water pump and heater circulates water through the sink, and waste water catchment container can be emptied responsibly after service.

Lighting, non-slip flooring, security locking doors, strong support struts for opening, and funky ‘steampunk’ lighting makes StreetCube an extremely high quality eye-catching Street kitchen. The finish in metallic lime green exterior together with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in full view on the rear cargo doors, complement the structure in such a way that it stands out, in the most appealing way, in any setting.

For new installations, some design modifications can be instigated, and we are always looking to improve StreetCube kitchens to be the best little kitchens they can be. A false flooring platform can allow space for the installation of a split water container below the floor. One side as a rain-water harvest reservoir that can feed the living wall on the outside, the other half holding reserves of fresh drinking water for cooking.

The piece de resistance is the 9ft high, 8ft wide live herb wall that lives and breathes, looks incredible but also sequesters carbon all day long. Taking harmful emissions out of the atmosphere and turning it into clean air.

StreetCube is a very strong brand design and trademark, but that doesn’t mean to say that whoever operates a StreetCube can’t also have their own brand on show. The signage options can be purchased by operators, are as follows:

Sustainable Culinary Development & Innovation:
Feeding an ever growing world population is becoming harder. The future of food is one of the most serious topics facing humanity, which is why we hold our chefs in very high-esteem.
Sustainable Street Gastronomy is our name for the style of food we believe that everyone should have access to.

Good Food Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth:
Sustainable Street Gastronomy Is all about cooking delicious Street cuisine from using local, organic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients.
Maintaining global food styles and the enormous and diverse cultures of food from around the world is critical to our concept, but we believe that adapting some recipes should be easily done to incorporate some more locally grown ingredients.

Learning some basic or advanced skills is certainly something we recommend
StreetCube is always keen to collaborate with culinary schools, colleges and universities to offer opportunities to the right chefs.
Please add your details if you operate a chef training school, Culinary college, or hospitality leaning facility FEED - allow users to choose from a drop-down list of user types to choose CHEF TRAINING)
StreetCube kitchens are high quality, professional semi-permanent Street kitchens, that provide a unique platform for independent chefs to operate from, to reach their audience.

We see our chefs as champions of the local organic food supply - searching for new suppliers and developing exciting cuisine and respecting the ‘terroir’ (the whole soil, food & climate system of a given locale), which is why we empower chefs to start-up their own business from a StreetCube. It’s very simple to get set up. Apply Here