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StreetCube ~ Good Food Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth..

Welcome to StreetCube the World’s first and only Sustainable Street Gastronomy Semi-Permanent Street Kitchen ~ ‘A beacon of light for the future of food’
~ Olivier Blanc ~





Farmers, Organic Growers, Click Here and add your details ~ Find out how StreetCube can support organic farming, community growing projects and home growers.




Are you a chef? A Street food operator or you have a passion for cooking and some great ideas for sustainable food? Click Here to find out how you can apply for a StreetCube, improve and develop your skills to become more sustainable.




Feed the world with a better solution to saving the planet. Land~Owners if would like to place a StreetCube in your City, or if you are responsible for local planning, or a Street food market, or if you would like to write about StreetCube, or have an idea ~ Please Join Us


Please see our StreetCube Sustainability Charter

StreetCube has been set up to help us to support a more regenerative and more sustainable food system for all, to encourage better growing techniques, better health and a better circular economy. Most of all, StreetCube is about amazing food. Good Food Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth.

Our weatherproof, professional, semi-Permanent Street kitchens can be placed anywhere, but it is our ethos, and our overall prime objective, to nurture and to help underpin a better food future, for every community.

Our own StreetCube Sustainability Charter further sets out our clear objectives and pledges that are firmly aligned with a set of principals to make a significant contribution to the elimination of CO2, single-use Plastics, Zero Waste and a promise to deliver delicious, diverse, organic, sustainable Street Gastronomy that is affordable to all.
‘We operate an ‘open and transparent’ buying policy that ensure all our purchase invoices are traceable ~ Sustainable Food deliveries must adhere to our charter - we refuse refuse - no plastic please!’

We consist of a dream-team of chef’s, world renowned academic Trusted experts and policy advisors who have come together in a collaborative and harmonious way to solve a problem.

Find out more about our StreetCube Sustainable Charter, and the Chef’s Manifesto.

We invite selected chefs / operators and F&B professionals to apply to operate our unique StreetCube semi-Permanent kitchens, converted from up-cycled shipping containers, which provide high quality professional kitchen platforms which can be placed anywhere.

We work together, alongside landowners and local authority to position ‘clusters’ of StreetCube kitchens in high footfall areas which act as a beacon and a symbol of Sustainable, Organic Food, that everybody can rely upon as safe, plastic-free, organic, allergen-safe, delicious Street Gastronomy.

“StreetCube kitchens are light, bright and beautiful street kitchens, designed to invite, engage and connect hungry foodies and entire communities with passionate, skilled chefs who are proud of their talents”

  • Achieve a zero-carbon food system by 2030.
  • Sustainable.
  • Provide immediate solution to a broken industrial food system.
  • Provide an affordable and profitable platform for independent chefs to prepare, cook, serve and engage audiences with amazing sustainable Street Gastronomy.
  • Provide Support, guidance and training to achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The StreetCube Trusted Advocates

    The StreetCube Trusted Advocates are those we look towards for guidance and factual information on climate change, nutrition, pollution, growing, cooking and educating others on the need to change our food system

    "Welcome to StreetCube the World’s first and only Sustainable Street Gastronomy Semi-Permanent Street Kitchen ~ ‘A beacon of light for the future of food’"

    Olivier Blanc

    "There is much wrong with our food systems: a key to success will be the localising and personalising of food production and consumption. StreetCube works as a magnet to attract ethical and organic growers, passionate chefs, and hungry foodies from the local community. This in turn generates novel ideas, all focused on seasonal and sustainable foods. The more that councils and local authorities can support StreetCube, the better for whole communities."

    Professor Jules Pretty OBE