Sustainability is more about an awareness of how best to operate within a more sustainable system than anything else.

With more focus on how we, as a society, can build an awareness, will eventually lead to a change in adopting a more generalised consideration of our habits, our environment and our global community as a whole, and what we can all do to help sustain our living systems. The definition of “sustainability” is the study of how natural systems function, remain diverse and produce everything it needs for the ecology to remain in balance.

StreetCube aims to focus more awareness on sustainable practices through the medium of street food, and by adopting a more interactive, more delicious way to engage and to work in tandem with like-minded organisations, growers, local authority, volunteers and those who would like to support what we do.
We believe that by focusing more on a local sustainable practice, by engaging people in sustainable, ethically sourced, healthier and more seasonal food system, by bringing it into every community in a practical, affordable and, more importantly, a more delicious way, we hope to raise some awareness in how best to be pro-active in the choices we all make. Please Join us if you would like to help.


We hope that by engaging people on a community level in being more aware of sustainable goals, and choosing a more sustainable ethos, that more communities will benefit from a more cohesive and inclusive approach to sustainability. This, in turn will help to shift awareness on a more global scale, to unite people in a more social and global community, through affordable and sustainable Gastronomy.

That means relying on a more local supply-chain of ethically produced, sustainable foods, working in tandem with seasonal and bio-rhythmic ingredients, being more aware of what we could taste, to avoid waste, supporting those we engage with, and generally being more connected to the same ethos, through affordable Street Gastronomy.


we recognise that in order to benefit the entire community, and to fully appreciate the global diversity of StreetFood, that we must operate and draw focus to include everybody in our ethos. Indeed, it is only by opening up discussions with everybody that we can truly understand how to improve what we strive for. StreetCube embraces a more equal, and more inclusive community and we celebrate the diversity of every culture through striving to achieve the highest quality and global diversity in our Street Gastronomy.
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