Our Franchise Partners

What we look for in our Franchise Partners

As you will have gathered we are passionate about what we wish to achieve with Street Cube. Our aims extend far beyond simply providing street food. Our commitment to sustainability and living up to our pledges is absolute. We will therefore be very selective in choosing individuals that we wish to work with. First and foremost, you will share our passion for sustainability and be willing to not only adopt but to operate under our 8 Pledges.

We seek individuals who already have a catering background. This does not mean that we seek Michelin starred chefs. We are just as interested in individuals who are good ‘home cooks’. Bear in mind you will be serving the food that you know how to cook.

Street Cube is a business and like any business you need to understand your ‘numbers’. It would be advantageous therefore if you had a working knowledge of Profit & Loss Accounts and Cash flow.

Finally, something we can’t teach you is personality. A Street Cube is not the place for the ‘Prima Donna’ Chef. The design of the cube means that when you are cooking you are visible and are on public display. Your relationship with your customers along with the quality of your cooking, will be major factors in turning customers into ‘regulars’ ensuring that they return time and time again helping to grow your business.

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