The StreetCube Principles

The StreetCube Principles

As we have already stated, how we produce and consume food is a vital piece in the ‘sustainability formula’. Our overriding aim at Street Cube and one that will be yours, should you become our franchise partner, is to work towards a better food system for all. In order to achieve this aim we have devised 8 pledges to guide you in the way that you operate your business.

As a StreetCube partner you will commit to;

  • Using zero plastics
  • Producing zero waste
  • Only using organic produce
  • Sourcing local produce within 100 mile radius
  • Devising your menus around seasonal produce
  • Promoting the consumption of more veg and less but better meat
  • Re-investing & supporting improved local sustainability
  • To work above and beyond current Food allergy labelling laws

We know that Chefs are passionate about the food that they produce. Bearing this in mind over 130 chefs from 38 countries were asked to identify the areas that they were most passionate about in terms of sustainability. These were as follows;

  • Using ingredients that respected the earth that they were grown in and the oceans that they were sourced from
  • Protecting biodiversity and improving animal welfare
  • Investing in the livelihoods of local food producers
  • Valuing natural resources and reducing waste
  • Celebrating local and seasonal food
  • Focussing on plant-based ingredients
  • Educating their community on both healthy diet and food safety
  • Providing nutritious food that is both accessible and affordable for all

StreetCube are committed to upholding all of the above Principles

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