StreetCube – The Business Model

StreetCube – The Business Model

As previously stated we know that selling food from a converted shipping container is not unique. However we believe that our ethos of providing Sustainable Street Gastronomy gives us a strong USP against our competition. We believe that Good Food Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

As a StreetCube owner you will prepare and cook high quality street food, from inside an up-cycled street kitchen container cube, called a ‘StreetCube’.

A StreetCube can be placed anywhere. It is a hygienic, safe, weatherproof low emission, lockable professional kitchen forming the Sustainable Gastronomy focal point of any city, town centre or community. StreetCube will provide practical and immediate solutions to cut CO2, and to engage people in a healthier, organic, seasonal, locally sourced and ultimately more sustainable food system.

Cubes can be placed as a single ‘stand alone’ unit specialising in a specific food type or alternatively, if space allows, they can be located as a ‘cluster’ with each one having their own speciality menu thus providing a ‘destination point’ for a variety of delicious street food options.

We know that StreetCube offers an affordable pop-up sustainable solution to a better food ethos for all. Our Street Gastronomy kitchens will empower you to perform and engage directly with audiences of foodies, communities and even growers and farmers to bring about a critical change in the way we nourish ourselves and our planet as well as allowing you to develop a profitable business.

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