The Beginning

The Beginning

“I am proud to take the credit for devising and developing the StreetCube concept. My name is Pascal Gerrard and I am the founder and Managing Director of StreetCube Ltd.”

“As an ex Chef I have worked with many talented colleagues who had both the desire and the talent to own their own restaurant but lacked the initial capital to make their dreams turn into reality. I was also aware of the growth in popularity of street food to the extent that some premises based establishments will (mistakenly in my opinion) promote ‘genuine’ street food as the basis for their menus. Above all however, I was acutely aware of the public’s changing attitude to the food that they consume. Customers wanted to know where the food that they were eating came from and how was it produced. They realised that sustainability was not only important to them but important to the planet as a whole.”

“The above facts were the catalyst for StreetCube, a business model that would allow talented Chefs to own their own business, without the burden of a huge upfront investment and high ongoing overheads.

Of course I am aware I am not the first person to provide food from a converted shipping container. What is unique to StreetCube however is that all of our Cube owners will commit to our principle of Sustainable Street Gastronomy. As our slogan says Good Food Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth and neither should it cost you the earth to start your own business.”

“I look forward to meeting you and discussing the StreetCube Opportunity with you further”


Pascal Gerrard

StreetCube Founder

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