About Us

About Us

To say that we are unique in the world of franchising is, we understand, a very bold statement, but it’s true. So what makes us unique? Well as a franchisor we care. Of course every franchisor will say the same but at StreetCube we really care!

We care about the food that each Cube serves

We care about where that food came from whether it is about the health of the soil in which it was grown (high in natural nutrients up to 70% more) or the welfare and wellbeing of the livestock.


We care that our ingredients haven’t travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles before we serve them to you. That’s why we insist on locally produced and organic produce.

We care about waste, no plastic and reducing Co2 levels.

In other words at StreetCube we care about encouraging a better food system for all to help address the crisis that we are facing with climate change and a broken industrial food system.

As a StreetCube franchise partner we know that you care about food and we expect you to care about how it ended up on the plate.

Caring about the provenance and quality of the food that we serve is only one aspect of what makes us unique as a franchise opportunity. StreetCube Franchisees will be allowed to:

  • Brand your Cube under your own trading name
  • Decide on your own menu (as long as it meets our sustainability criteria)
  • Change your menu to allow for seasonal produce
  • Sell the food that you love to cook
  • Decide on your own trading hours
  • Buy from the suppliers that you choose (again they must meet our criteria of local, organic, sustainable)
  • Finally we will reward you financially for achieving sustainability targets


    So if you are allowed to do all of the above what makes StreetCube a ‘franchise’ you may ask. The answer is SUSTAINABILITY.
    Irrespective of whether your StreetCube is, selling Sushi, turning out Tacos or creating Curries, all of our franchisees must be committed to our ethos of providing the community that we operate in with organic, local, seasonal sustainable Street Gastronomy. That is our ‘mantra’ and it is what links us all to achieving a common goal.

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