StreetCube is working...

..within a more sustainable food culture, that engages everyone through the love of street cuisine, within the ethos of a wider, more sustainable food system.

Cuisine is an art form to be expressed and enjoyed by everyone who wishes to create and share in the love of food.

StreetCube recognises that a more sustainable approach is needed, in order to bring better health, reduce hunger, address allergies, reduce diseases and engage with communities to support a much wider, more cohesive, more sustainable system overall. Sustainable Gastronomy is about working in tandem with the seasons, about buying ethically produced ingredients, eliminating chemicals and pesticides, working with local producers, suppliers and creating delicious food without harming the planet.

Seasonal, local produce has more of the naturally occurring nutrients our bodies need to stave off illness, to heal our immune systems and to avoid allergies and disease.

More importantly,
a sustainable ethos helps
to feed those who need it most.

StreetCube is committed to the research and development of a more sustainable food culture for all, we adhere to the 17 observations as laid down by the United Nations Assembly, The Federation Of Agriculture and the UNESCO guidelines for a more sustainable future.

We feel that we can all play a role and contribute to a more cohesive, more communal and a more ‘sustainable aware’ ethos through engaging with, and enjoying our Street Gastronomy. Every meal purchased supports a wider ethos.

You are invited to join us and share in growing a more sustainable future for all..