StreetCube is all about amazing global Street Gastronomy, created by passionate chefs, who care about sustainable, healthy food and connecting with local communities.
The Street Food culture is a global & local phenomenon, and StreetCube is a movement, that unites people of all ethnicity, gender and culture through affordable and diverse, sustainable global food styles.

StreetCube aims to facilitate and empower passionate chefs, Street Food fanatics and ethical food suppliers to reach their community via our semi-permanent, safe and secure street kitchens. Enabling chefs to have a more secure place to prepare, cook and serve better street food. Less time setting up, means more time to prepare and cook.
StreetCube is much more than shipping containers – we are part of a growing movement, that places Gastronomy at its heart. We can offer advice, we can help connect, we promote and support in every aspect of a sustainable, ethical and high quality Street Food culture.

A secure, fixed trading platform means better facilities for refrigerating food stuffs, cleaner working conditions and better equipment that can be kept safe and not transported from place to place. A fixed location trading kitchen can also open up new delivery markets, and give access to 3 rd party delivery solutions. Read More..

Sustainable Street Gastronomy