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StreetCube ~ Sustainable Street Gastronomy

StreetCube is all about sustainability, food safety, climate change and food affordability.
Above all, it’s all about delicious, nutritious food that everybody can afford.

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In such rapidly changing times, problems resulting from a changing climate, food waste, plastic pollution and an increased demands on food security, public health, industrial food processes and rising CO2 levels, StreetCube has been developed to provide a rapid response, affordable solution to the critical changes we need to make, in order to help develop new ways of nourishing people and planet without adding to the problem.

We are aiming for a zero-carbon future, and the future of food, health and planet are what drives Streetcube ~ that, and amazing tasting food. Nothing tastes as good as organic food, and nothing is as good as Sustainable Street Gastronomy. Everyone deserves access to great food

StreetCube aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Chef’s Manifesto


You find the pitch, we’ll supply the kitch!

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StreetCube professional street kitchens are solid, weatherproof, hygienic, safe and secure spaces - similar in size to a Street food gazebo, only much more versatile and compact. Enabling chefs to refrigerate food, work in cleaner conditions and work to higher standards of food safety, food quality and above all taste. We use organic ingredients grown with respect to our Earth and oceans. It’s all in the Chefs Manifesto


StreetCube seeks new locations in high footfall spaces to place StreetCube ‘Clusters’ a group of 3 or more Streetcube kitchens that can transform unused spaces into vibrant foodie destinations. We even offer a peppercorn rent in exchange for empty spaces - helping to Increase footfall, engaging audiences but above all, helping to provide a healthier, plastic free, waste free delicious sustainable Street Gastronomy solution to any location. Install StreetCube in your city


StreetCube empowers independent chefs to operate StreetCube kitchens to prepare, cook and serve amazing sustainable street gastronomy. Find out how you can operate a Streetcube - with new locations becoming available all the time, we welcome chefs to join us


Please see our StreetCube Sustainability Charter